Collection: Zip Collection

Introducing our ZIP Abaya Collection, specially curated for breastfeeding and expecting mothers, offering three distinct styles. 

The Zip Amaya Abayas, crafted from comfortable nidha fabric, provide warmth and breathability, ensuring a lightweight feel. 

The Zip Prayer Jilbayas offer a one-piece oversized design with cuffed sleeves and a maxi hijab, perfect for any setting. The hassle-free, all-in-one piece features a discreet zip for breastfeeding-friendly style.

Additionally, the Zip Norah Jilbayas offer a versatile and comfortable take on our classic batwing Norah's collection, combining modernity with timeless modesty. 

Elevate your maternity wardrobe with the ZIP Abaya Collection, where comfort, style, and functionality seamlessly converge

Kindly be aware that the colours may exhibit slight variations under varying lighting conditions

PRODUCT CARE: A normal cold wash is sufficient, we would recommend not mixing colours 



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