Collection: TAC khimars

Introducing our Original Khimars, crafted to blend elegance with comfort. Made from high-quality polyester, these Khimars are available in two sizes to suit your preference for modest coverage.

Crepe Khimars: Ideal for summer, our lightweight crepe fabric Khimars offer a soft, breathable feel. Perfect for warmer days, these Khimars combine the same stylish design with added comfort, keeping you cool and elegant.

Standard Size:

  • Scarf Length (Center Back): 148 cm
  • Front Length: 98 cm
  • Head Opening: 31 cm

This size offers balanced coverage, perfect for everyday wear, ensuring you look stylish and modest with ease.

Extra Long Size:

  • Scarf Length (Back): 152 cm
  • Front Length: 151 cm
  • Head Opening: 31 cm

For those who prefer more generous coverage, the extra-long size provides an elegant drape that flows beautifully.

Choose from our range of Khimars to find your perfect fit, whether you prefer the reliable polyester for year-round wear or the airy crepe for a breezy summer look. Embrace modesty with sophistication and comfort.

Kindly be aware that the colours may exhibit slight variations under varying lighting conditions

PRODUCT CARE: A normal cold wash is sufficient, we would recommend not mixing colours


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