Collection: Jilbabs

Experience inclusivity and elegance with our thoughtfully designed 1pc and 2pc Jilbabs, perfect for everyday wear.

1pc Jilbab: Crafted from comfortable, lightweight polyester, our 1pc Jilbab offers a seamless blend of modesty and practicality. Featuring cuffed sleeves and niqab ties, this all-in-one garment ensures ease of movement and a polished look, making it an ideal choice for daily use.

2pc Jilbab: Embracing the same style and comfort, our 2pc Jilbab includes a separate top garment with cuffed sleeves and an elasticated long skirt. This versatile design provides added convenience and flexibility, allowing you to mix and match while maintaining a cohesive and modest appearance.

Both the 1pc and 2pc Jilbabs are created to cater to diverse needs, ensuring every woman can find a perfect fit that embodies elegance, comfort, and modesty.

Kindly be aware that the colours may exhibit slight variations under varying lighting conditions

PRODUCT CARE: A normal cold wash is sufficient, we would recommend not mixing colours


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