The Abaya Company London - Feedback

The Abaya Company London - Feedback

I hope you’ve had a wonderful experience at The Abaya Company London and got your hands on exactly what you wanted 

Your kind words of appreciation means ALOT to me & my team 

Let us know what you think about our and products below

Thank you,

The Abaya Company London🤍


When they say they got you covered the truly mean it! Best customer service and quality. Such a genuine business and you can tell they love and value their customers Allahummabarik 💕

Lulu Roble

I posted a comment last year regarding the khimar – room for the head was to small- but I ordered 2 other khimars and I the head is much bigger! I am happy. The fabric is softer as well.


I bought the oak cloak cardigan and I wear it all the time. Love it!


Allahuma bariik, I absolutely love the khimars. So light, and so beautiful. Very easy to wear. Got my first khimars from you guys and I don’t even wanna try new ones from elsewhere. Jazakallah khayran for the service you guys provide💕


I got khimar from TAC and the quality and the material is so good that I couldn’t stop putting it on it’s so lightweight. I ordered 2 more and would continue to order every colours that’s available💕❤️ May Allah continue to put barakah in your business.


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