The Abaya Company London - Feedback

The Abaya Company London - Feedback

I hope you’ve had a wonderful experience at The Abaya Company London and got your hands on exactly what you wanted 

Your kind words of appreciation means ALOT to me & my team 

Let us know what you think about our and products below

Thank you,

The Abaya Company London🤍

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I bought two of the cloaks in light blue, one from the Nubo collection and one from the jilbaya collection and I must say your abayas are so beautiful, I love how oversized they are and perfect length and such beautiful fabric and colours, in sha Allah will buy more from you in the future 🤍

Mohima Ashuk

“The fusion of traditional Middle Eastern elements with global fashion trends in the latest abaya designs is truly remarkable.”

Al Maryum

So I received order today cannot thank you enough how beautiful the abayas are, it is gorgeous and the quality is perfect.
Jazakallah for fast delivery and perfect abayas.


When they say they got you covered the truly mean it! Best customer service and quality. Such a genuine business and you can tell they love and value their customers Allahummabarik 💕

Lulu Roble

I posted a comment last year regarding the khimar – room for the head was to small- but I ordered 2 other khimars and I the head is much bigger! I am happy. The fabric is softer as well.


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